Customer Reviews
Dan Pieters, Flemish Region, Belgium
Tadapox is a combination of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine exactly what I needed. I was devastated with the lowered sexual potential affected due to ED and PE and this medicine saved me from embarrassment that I would face.
Paul Martinez, Texas, US
I rely on Tadapox to have enhanced sexual abilities. This is because this single medicine could treat both my sexual complication which are erectile dysfunction and early ejaculating.
Noha Jensen, Nordjylland, Denmark
Being 23 year old and having sexual trouble is the most upsetting thing that one could face. My girlfriends would be frustrated and I never had a long running relationship due to my lack of performance. However, I started using Tadapox recently and I am in a successful relationship with no influence of conditions on my life.
Donald Davis, Pennsylvania, United States
Tadapox is a perfect combination which is needed by sexual compromised men and this I am saying with my own experience. I use this medicine and I have a pleasing sexual life.
San Diego, California, US
I was using this medicine when I was sexually affected, actually that was a temporary degradation of my sexual abilities due to a medicine which I was suggested. My doctor changed the drug in order to subside its side effects but it wasn't certain when the condition would improve so I was suggested using Tadapox. I stopped using the medicine once my condition improved. But the drug is best for those who are affected with ED and PE.
J. Rogers, Ohio, US
I like this medicine because the hardness it imparts is impressive. My wife often feels gratified with my thrusting and I am able to perform till her orgasm.
Mark Robinson, Skye, Skye
I belong to a remote area of the world where allopathic drugs are costly and not often available. I bought Tadapox online which was affordable and easy to obtain. I can now enjoy sex and have overcome my sexual problems.