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Generic Voltarol is an anti-inflammatory medication listed in the range of non-steroidal drugs or can be called as NSAIDs. This drug is used to prevent aches and inflammation caused due to disorders such as degenerative arthritis, osteoporosis, and Bekhterev's disease. The drug is also a curative used for curing pain caused due to menstrual pain, ocular ache, senile keratosis or also known as actinic keratosis etc. Diclofenac serves as the active agent for this medicine which is chief component for curing ache, swelling, rigidness and inflammation. It is also used for providing relief from pain caused due to degenerative disorder affecting hip and knee and is suitable for most joint inflammation resulted due to reduced level of synovial fluid.

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The drug shows efficient result due to its active agent Diclofenac that undermines the functions of COX-1 or cyclo- oxygenase-1 enzymes and COX-2 also known as cyclo- oxygenase-1. These cyclo- oxygenase enzymes are responsible for promotion of prostaglandins which is the core substance that causes pain and inflammation.

The drug also efficiently inhibits the creation of pro- inflammatory hormones which are also the responsible cause of pain and inflammation. The drug enhances the blood flow to influenced area and truncates pain and stiffness.
The dosages of Generic Voltarol may vary according to the severity of pain and relevant cause. In case of osteoarthritis the standard suggested dose is 100 to 150 mg pill taken once during the day. You can also split the doses in two or three equal proportions that should be taken two to three times a day. Rheumatoid Arthritis patients can take 150 to 200 mg of the drug twice a day. It is strictly not recommended to take more than 600mg on pills in a day in order to avoid severe health hazards.

Ankylosing Spondylitis patients are suggested to take 100 to 125 mg pill only once in a 24 hours, whereas primary Dysmenorrhea patients can take 300 mg pill twice in a day. It is suggested to take the medicine with a glass of water in order to obtain best results. It is essential to eat something before you take medicine so that you do not take the medicine empty stomach which can be harmful. However, the best person to prescribe you about the dosages of Generic Voltarol is your doctor.
Impaired vision, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea, stomach upset, fever, fatigues, dizziness or drowsiness, stuffy nose, cough, head pain, hallucination, lightheadedness and softness of muscles are some common side effects that can be rarely noticed in case of generic Voltarol. Other severe issues can be blistering skin, exudation of blood through vomit or cough, abnormal heartbeat, difficulties in breathing, swelling and convulsions etc. If any of these side effect are experienced it is important to consult the doctor immediately.
  • The medication is listed in Pregnancy C category by FDA; hence, this medication should not be administered by pregnant women as there are chances of abnormalities to the fetus. In case you are pregnant or are going to be pregnant it is essential to inform your doctor before you intake this medication.
  • The medicine may traverse through breast milk; hence, breast feeding ladies should not consume this medication and opt for doctor�s advice.
  • If you are allergic to Diclofenac or any other component of the drug it is essential to inform your doctor during the time of prescription.
  • It is essential to cease alcohol if you are taking this medication; even if you have had a history of alcohol abuse it is better to inform your doctor.
  • One should avoid taking medicine if you have had brain related disorder such as brain injury (head injury), brain tumor, brain infection etc.
  • This medication is not suitable for children; hence, it is wise to avoid given it to children.
  • Do not increase the dose of this medication without intimating your doctor.
  • Elderly individuals should be cautious and follow a disciplined dose scheduled as instructed by the doctor, do not take this drug prior to doctor�s notice.
  • Do not consume this drug for prolonged duration exceeding what is prescribed by your doctor.
  • In case any individual has had abdominal surgery this medication is not suggested to be taken.
  • Patient with seizure issue should avoid taking this medication or should consult the doctor to discuss the issue.