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Generic Singulair is the drug which is used to cure the allergic asthma in case of adults. It is an anti-allergic medication that is helpful in order to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergic issues. This drug contains Montelukast that acts as the effective inhibitor of leukotriene which is accountable for inflammation and congestion of air-way. Generic Singulair can be taken to obtain relieve from the problems of asthma attacks. This drug is also used to cure the exercise-induced bronchospasm recorded in case of people who perform excessive exercise. The medication is noted to be efficient against symptoms such as fever etc. It is suggested to speak to your doctor prior to the intake of this medication, as needless doses may result in side effects.

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The functioning of generic Singulair is uncomplicated and comprehendible. It functions by obstructing the activity of leukotriene and concurrently avoids asthma attacks. After getting into the body, its active component Montelukast starts its functions in the respiratory system and enhances the supply of oxygen by freeing the blood vessels.

It then serves as the leukotriene modifier hindering its functions and then becomes an antihistamine agent improving the activity of the immune system. It truncates the production of the histamine, which in turn provides relief from allergic symptoms.
The standard suggested dose of generic Singulair is a pill with 10 mg strength taken once a day. It is suggested to consume the drug during evening in order to notice best result out of it. The drug functions best when taken with a glass of water, as it dissolves faster with water. In case of bronchoconstriction resulted due to excessive workout, a 10 mg pill is suggested to be taken two hours prior to the workout session.

It is not wise to use the drug for prolonged duration than what is prescribed by the doctor; this may cause other health hazards. Mask sure that you do not take overdose of the medication as it may cause side effects , it is better to speak to your doctor if you feel the need of increased dosage.
Convulsive shivering, Nausea, Stomach upset, Diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, progressing asthma symptoms, back ache, intolerable sinus inflammation, stuffy nose, body pain, hay fever etc are some common symptoms noticed in case of Generic Singulair. These symptoms are temporary and may ebb away through the time. However, there are some serious symptoms such as problematic breathing, choked throat, protruded lips, swollen tongue and puffed- out face and abnormal heart beats are some symptoms that can be serious; hence, immediate doctors attention is required if any on these symptoms are noticed.
  • Inform your health expert if you have had or are suffering from any serious illness such as heart issues, kidney, or liver disorders, before taking this pill. You may require some adjustments with the dosage or more systemized and cautious treatment if you have other illnesses.
  • Generic Singulair categorized in Pregnancy category B drug. This means that the drug may not influence on the fetus. Thus, the consumption of this medication is believed to be safe, however, only after consulting a doctor.
  • It is not still confirmed whether this medication traverses through breast milk to a child. Hence, it is better to consult the doctor before taking the pill.
  • If you have abdominal or intestinal related disorders, or infectious mononucleosis, notify your health expert before using this drug.
  • Avoid task such as driving etc after consuming the pill as it may cause dizziness or drowsiness.
  • Before giving the medication to children under the age of 14 years, ask your doctor whether it will be suitable for your child.
  • It is believed that a person may have suicidal thoughts, hence, avoid taking this medication if you already suffer from such issue or have had family history of suicidal deaths.
  • Aspirin should not be taken in combination of Generic Singular as the combination may show reaction and lead to adverse symptoms.
  • Phenobarbital such as Luminal, Solfoton or Rifadin (Rifater, Rifamate, Rimactane) are some drugs that can undermine the activity of the drug and may have side effects; hence, inform your doctor if you are taking any of such medicines.