Customer Reviews
A Harris, Georgia, US
I usually get complete erection and I am able to perform for longer time after taking Malegra FXT, but once I noticed delay in obtaining the results, and I realized that it was due to heavy consumption of foods. I almost ha half a pizza and smashed potatoes with grilled chicken 30 minutes after taking this medicine, but still effects were half of what I usually get of the drug. Bear this is mind when you use the medicine next time.
Landon Clark, Quebec, Canada
I am a fan of Malegra FXT because this drug came to my rescue from influence of ED and PE when no other drugs proved to be useful in eradicating both of these conditions in one go.
Nathan Moore, Virginia, US
I like the convenience it involves in getting the medicine; I am referring to online buying. Actually, it is slightly difficult to find Malegra FXT locally so I do online purchase of the medicine which is cheaper and easy and ultimately I m pleased with the results I get.
Henry Tremblay, WC, Canada
After bearing the torment of flabby penis and early climax for a year I came across Malegra FXT (I would call it a miracle drug). Before use of this drug I used to take Sildenafil for ED to at least get the hardness and would struggle to last long. But with this medicine I am more of a man in bed with enhanced creativity.
Robert Davis, Texas, US
Despite of being affected with ED and PE I would get satisfaction sometimes. But my partner was often left frustrated lying unsatisfied in bed. So I had to ensure her pleasure and took Malegra FXT. With the hardness I attain, I can last till the time she is satisfied. Sometime she leaves in the middle, which I find manageable after all it makes me feel more powerful.
Ethan Smith, Warren, Michigan
Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two banes that I got due to my unhealthy lifestyle (which I am working on and have brought to norm). I had affected sexual performance with was taking a toll on my relationship. Things turned better when I started using Malegra FXT and now I and my partner usually have pleasing time in bed.
Zachary Williams, Colorado, US
The combination of Sildenafil Citrate and Fluoxetine is said to be one of the best treatments against PE and ED together. I did not believe this until I tried it for myself. I was using other treatments to deal with these two issues but when I used Malegra FXT I found greater relief.
John Taylor, Florida, US
I was worried about the cost the treatment would incur if I approached each of the condition individually. But a friend informed that there are medicines available for dealing with both the condition at once. So after searching thoroughly through internet I found Malegra FXT, which is a perfect solution for my issues.
George Collins, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Malegra FXT is what I use these days to treat my sexual issue of climaxing early and inability to get erection. Earlier I relied on natural treatment which had effects but not impressive. With this medicine I am contented sexually.
Donald Gonzalez, Texas, US
I have been using this medicine since over a year now. Earlier I faced no issues when my doctor recommended this drug to me. But lately I experience mild stomach upset and this was due to voluntary increase in the Malegra FXT potency. But with adjusted dosage I am using is successfully now.
Nolan Brown, New Jersey, US
I must say that my sexual life was highly affected due to lack of strength and ability to last long and these two conditions affected men at the same time. It was difficult to restore my sexual life to normalcy and this was despite of treatments. Lately I was suggested using Malegra FXT by a doctor and found that the medicine is helpful.
Benjamin Cote, Western Canada, Canada
I am using Malegra FXT since a long time and had found not issues. I suggest people taking the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.
Kevin Scott, New York, US
During initially few times of using this medicine I experienced some side-effects such as headache and nausea, but adjustment brought things to normalcy. I suggest asking your doctor about any health complication experienced.
Justin Davies, Carmarthenshire, UK
With use of Malegra FXT I have regained my sexual potency and can perform better. I just wanna say that the medicine works miraculously for me.
Enzo Silva, Boa Vista, Cape Verde
Honestly I have never tried something like Malegra FXT earlier. This medicine impressed me with its dual effect which I thought was not possible. All hails to the drug and the advancing medical industry.
Issac Hills, Nottinghamshire, UK
I was affected with mild fever and used Malegra FXT, luckily I did not suffer from any health issues but I was warned by my doctor. Guys, do consult your health advisors before using this drug.