Customer Reviews
Anthony Mayo, Alberta, Canada
I was really scared for my life at one point of time, due to my habit of smoking. I was a chain smoker for years, and had no clue how to get rid of the habit, until zyban happened. The drug is really effective, and I feel good about myself now.
David Spiegel, Normandy, France
Smoking is a really disgusting habit, but what's more disgusting is that you can't quit it even when you know that it's going to harm you. At such a time, every smoker would need the intervention of a drug like zyban, which is able to put this habit to bed.
Emerald Cowen, Missouri, USA
It's a pity that smokers not only lead short lives, but some diseased ones as well. However, you can kick this habit out of your lives, just like I did, with the help of generic zyban
Emily Rose, Taunton, UK
At first, I wasn't really confident about the prospects of generic zyban being able to curb my smoke addiction. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the drug started to work well, through which I could eventually quit smoking
Ronald Black, Derby, UK
As a smoker, I always feared for my life and took all possible steps to redress the problem, but nothing seemed to work except zyban. The drug has given me a new lease of life by curbing my smoker instincts and promoting a healthy way of life.
Wesley Hall, Iowa, USA
Though many people would tell a smoker that smoking leads to cancer and other such grave problems, he won't budge from the habit. I know this because I was a smoker myself, but I was able to cure this habit of mine successfully, by using generic zyban.
Cameron Richards, New Mexico, USA
While smoking for months and years together, it never occurred to me that my family would suffer the most from this habit of mine. However, after I had this realization I used many products and tried many things, but nothing can even come close to zyban. It's fantastic.
Daley Fitzgerald, Phoenix, USA
Smoking was one of my habits which I was never proud of, but I just couldn't resist it. And that's when I decided to put an end to it. Thankfully, I had generic zyban at my disposal, which helped me greatly in getting rid of this dire habit
Jackson Martinez, Albuquerque, USA
I must've used countless therapies and medicines to relieve myself from the habit of smoking, but I never could do so. However, a chance encounter with zyban was all I needed, as this drug's fantastic mechanism helped me quit smoking in very little time.
Sylvain Cronje, Johannesburg, South Africa
I was always aware of the negative side-effects that smoking can bring about in a person, but could never really manage to get rid of it. However, my chance to do just that cam e around in form of generic zyban. The drug worked marvelously and I've successfully kicked butt now.