Customer Reviews
Mary Lopez, Florida, US
Zithromax helped me eliminate right ear infection that troubled me since few days. My complaints of pain and pus discharge were considerably reduced after taking this antibiotic. Let me tell you, this antibiotic is the best way to eliminate bacterial infection.
Lisa Nelson, Colorado, US
Zithromax was advised to me by my doctor for my nasty upper respiratory tract infection. I took this antibiotic for 3 days and found it very effective. Also, I haven't suffered from any kind of side effects of this antibiotic.
Heli Laine, Espoo, Finland
Zithromax is the only medicine that worked best on me for my respiratory complaints – breathlessness and productive cough. For me it started working from the day one. Gradually, I recovered well after taking this antibiotic.
Jessie Reid, Essex, UK
I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis to which my doc prescribed me Zithromax. I am feeling much better after using this anti-biotic as it suppressed my complaints of constant sneezing, headache and earache. During the course of treatment, sometime after taking the pill, I used to feel little nauseating for few seconds but most importantly it cured my infection.
Oskar Makinen, Vantaa, Finland
After suffering from cough and cold for 5 days, I started feeling pressure in my sinuses that made my head heavy with congestion all over. My physician prescribed me Zithromax for 3 days, but on the first day I felt much better and the congestion was relived significantly. After 3 days, my complaints were drastically reduced with no pain and cough.
George Robinson, Oklahoma, US
I was suffering from severe headache, nausea, giddiness, fever with chills and pain across the nose. My doc told me its acute sinusitis that is troubling me. He prescribed Zithromax for 3 days and within 2 days my complaints were reduced with great effect. I am thankful to this effective antibiotic.
Louis Graham, Berkshire, UK
I am happy to know about this antibiotic, as it helped me get rid of malicious bacterial infection that created problems in my lungs. I took this medicine for 3 days as directed by the physician. I haven't experienced any kind of drug reactions during the course of therapy.
Henry Fisher, Lancashire, UK
Due to throat congestion, I was unable to speak and swallow. My doc suggested me Zithromax for 3 days. On the 2nd day after the dosage, I felt much better, but I feel little dizzy after taking the dose.