Customer Reviews
Dorothy Wood, Idaho, USA
I never thought that what had been troubling me for so long would be treatable by mere consumption of a pill, i.e. generic zantac. The drug is really good and I use it often. I also recommend this drug hereby
Oliver James, Winchester, UK
It's still a mystery to me about how the consumption of this small drug can bring about a great amount of relief every time. I really like zantac, and I suggest that every person suffering from stomach acid refluxes must try it.
Elizabeth Donahue, Manhattan, USA
Although many people around me advised the consumption of zantac to treat my problems of GERD disorders, I was quite skeptical about doing so. However, after I've started using generic zantac, it seems I'm the one who's often recommending this drug to others.
Charlie Livermore, Middleborough, UK
My doctor had told me about a couple of months ago about zantac, but I somehow couldn't get my hands on it, until a week ago. However, now that I'm using it for my stomach acid problems, I've to say it's a great drug, works really well.
Kevin Dock, Boston, USA
I had been having some severe gastro-esophageal reactions for several months with no respite. I used generic zantac as treatment for the same, and I must say that it's a very good drug, provides good and quick relief.
Linda Matthews, Kentucky, USA
In my opinion, generic zantac is the best drug for treating stomach acid refluxes. These things can get pretty nasty, and I remember having one last month. That is when I consumed zantac and achieved much relief.
Simon O’Brien, Michigan, USA
Generic zantac is a pretty good drug to treat GERD disorders. It's been quite a while from the first time I used this drug, and I can say that it still provides the same amount of relief one would require from such a drug.