Customer Reviews
Gordon Ferguson, New Orleans, USA
Generic zanaflex is an exemplary muscle relaxant. Ever since I've started to use this drug, it seems that relief from inflammations, muscle soreness, joint pains, etc., is only a pill away.
James Ferdinand, Sunderland, UK
One of the best things about zanaflex is that the drug has minimal side effects on its consumer. Before zanaflex I used a variety of drugs to cure my pains, but I fell prey to their side effects. Thankfully, nothing such happened with zanaflex
Phillip Maben, Canberra, Australia
I found the generic zanaflex to be a decently efficient drug. Before this one, I used a lot of other anti-inflammatory drugs, but to no avail. So I'm glad that I found this drug
Don Irons, New Jersey, USA
I would say that generic zanaflex is a great drug. It has brought me much relief from pains by smoothening muscles and tissues of the inflamed regions. It's worth the money, this one.
Raymond Clarke, West Virginia, USA
I suggest this drug to all the people suffering from muscle pains and muscle soreness. Like you guys, I was also suffering from such problems, but the use of zanaflex has brought me good relief