Customer Reviews
Xavier Watson, Bloemfontein, South Africa
I went through quite a suffering a month ago, when my doctor diagnosed me with GERD. As treatment, he prescribed a dose of prilosec, which I duly consumed, but was pleasantly surprised by the way it relieved me, and that too in quick time.
Tessa Rodriguez, New Jersey, USA
Generic prilosec is an excellent drug for regulating the various stomach acids of the body. I have these pills often, whenever I experience a burning sensation. It's a good drug this, and it's worth recommending too
Robert Redford, Hampshire, UK
I often have GERD problems, especially when I'm eating out at restaurants, or during journeys. I feel that the generic prilosec is greatly helpful at such a time, as it's capable of instantly checking the stomach acids back into the stomach.
Rhonda Marks, New Orleans, USA
I've often been at the receiving end of GERD reactions and I know how painful and gruesome these can turn out to be. However, I must say that it's very easy dealing them with the help of prilosec
James Doherty, Hobart, Australia
I never really regarded GERD as a major problem until it happened to me. That's also when I got to know about prilosec, and how useful it can be during times like GERD. I suggest this drug to everyone now.