Customer Reviews
Bruce Hall, Nova Scotia, Canada
I used generic nicorette to get rid of my habit of smoking. From my experience of this drug, I can say that it pretty much fits the bill, but you would also need a strong will power to quit smoking effectively
Dean Thomson, Sydney, Australia
My verdict of generic nicorette is that it's a good drug. It makes you feel good every time you substitute it with cigarettes. I have been able to observe considerable restraint after using this drug, so I would recommend it to you all.
Brett Gillespie, Tasmania, Australia
I had been trying to quit smoking for many months, or maybe even years, but all my efforts were in vain as I seemed to be overawed by the temptation. However, with nicorette I could find a way to get my fix of nicotine, but in another form that is not harmful and doesn't expose my lungs directly to tobacco use.
Angus Wallace, Rochester, UK
When my doctor told me that I could use nicorette to curb my habit of smoking cigarettes, I laughed off the suggestion by saying that how could a pill get me to stop smoking. However, I have to admit how wrong I was; nicorette did help me curb my habit of smoking.
Frederick Bing, Los Angeles, USA
In order to wean myself of smoking cigarettes, I must've tried a plethora of therapies, medicines, consultation, etc., but I never could get the habit off of me. However, one of my friends recommended nicorette, which I tried, and thankfully it's working.
Matthew Carrick, Monaco, France
It's a great feeling to finally have kicked the cigarette butt. I never quite understood how a tablet could help me stop smoking, but nicorette did that. Now, I don't even care about how this drug works, as long as it works fine on me.
Rio De Silva, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Generic nicorette is a good drug. At first I felt that the drug was having a placebo effect on me, while I was trying to quit smoking, but I soon realized that even the drug did so, it seemed to be working.
Edmond Hopkins, Missouri, USA
I got to know about generic nicorette from my family. I was really skeptical about the performance of this drug at the beginning, but all my suspicions gave way once I actually started consuming it. It's a good drug this and I would surely recommend it.
Ricky Bollinger, Adelaide, Australia
I found generic nicorette to be a great way of curbing one's nicotine addiction. The working of this drug is actually very smart; it weans you of cigarettes by providing small and timely nicotine sensations, every time you consume this drug. I suggest this drug to all.