Customer Reviews
Jacob Ray, Wisconsin, US
I am using this drug since 2 months and I am impressed with the results. But want to known whether using higher potency can give harder erection. I am 21 years old and can attain semi erection without the pill but with pill considerable hardness is experienced
D. Johnson, Quebec, Canada
I wish I would have used this medicine earlier. I got my package of the medicine day before and yesterday afternoon I took this medicine. I am on vacation and I needed this, it is working great and every time I am caressed by my partner my junk turns into a hunk.
Steve Harris, Oregon, US
Generic Levitra is the medicine that I prefer over other drugs because it is fast and highly effective treatment against impotency.
R. Smith, California, US
There are some people who use Generic Levitra and experience side-effects, but I consider myself as few of the lucky one who has never had any issues while using this medicine. I am using this drug for over 8 month and can feel that my sexual life has restored to normalcy.
J. Martin, Illinois, US
I was looking for something that can actually treat the condition, and not like many of the previous treatments which I tried and were not helpful in any ways. I thank Generic Levitra, that it made me a man again.
Ethan Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Trust me, the medicine is one of the best treatments I ever came across, actually there are hardly any. My wife once discussed about parting ways and this is when the world came breaking on me. I was desperately in need of a cure and also thought of undergoing surgery, but before that decided to give a try to palliative drugs and selected Generic Levitra for this and I thank myself for doing so, because I don't think I need any other treatment after this. It saved my marriage and my wife urges for sex more than ever.
Bradley Hull, Arizona, US
What on earth made me suffer from impotence, perhaps it was my smoking habit. I used generic Levitra to deal with it. It worked great and I am in a good and sexually active relationship with my partner.
Louis walker, California, US
I don't advice people to try this medicine right away before consulting a doctor but ironically I myself took up the medicine without consultation. I am a generic Levitra user since last 25 days and every weekend has been fun since when I first used the medicine.
Freddie Roberts, Indiana, US
My girl started to complain about my poor strength in bed which I noticed earlier but ignored, she was damn frustrated and so I resorted to generic Levitra pills. Interestingly the erection which I had was much harder than the one which I normally had. Good drug.
K. Johnson, Texas, US
I was suffering from ED since last 13 months or so and noting had helped me. I am proud of my partner because despite displeasure she never compliant but I could sense it. So I used generic Levitra pill once recently and the erection was a surprise to my spouse.
Shawn, Michigan, US
I have been trying every other treatment that I come across. From herbal shrubs that do no good to gels which works only as lubricant on my junk and nothing more. Nothing was useful. But after using generic Levitra I never felt I was impotent and this fact is buried forever hopefully.
Roger Davis, Ontario, Canada
As a general suggestion to people – avoid taking enhanced potency of generic Levitra as it increases your chances of side-effects. I usually take the medicine as my doctor suggests and this is safe and best. Consult your doctor as he may gradually increase your dose if needed. Don't do it without his approval, it may be risky.
Donald Watson, Tennessee, US
Guys I suggest you taking the medicine with precaution and start with lower potency. Though I experience great improvement in erection I also experienced slight headache which subsided soon. So if you wanna use this medicine try going for lower dosage initially if it works fine than increase the dosage every time gradually.
Natalia Cruz, Georgia, US
I am mother of two and ageing 42 years but my sex drive is too high and my husband's tool was not useful for me. However, once I was surprised to see him highly vigorous and with a harder “Mr. Dickens”. This was the first time ever that I reached the point of satisfaction before him and he suggested that it was due to Generic Levitra.
Zach Green, Washington, US
I am a man 52 years old and regular gym goer. My practice of exercising has helped me have improved erection but not the same has I used to have earlier. But with generic Levitra I experienced the same erection of my younger days. I heart fully thank this medicine.