Customer Reviews
Shane Goldberg, New South Wales, Australia
I believe it's essential for a person to be fully convinced of a medication's capacity, its side-effects, and its performance. The generic imitrex was able to satisfy me well, as regards these aforementioned clauses
Bill Irwin, North Carolina, USA
It's crucial for patients suffering from muscle aches and joint pains to source the right kind of drug for pain relief. I found the imitrex to be just one such drug. My experience of this drug is really good
Steve McKenzie, Durban, South Africa
Generic imitrex worked well for me. I was suffering from some acute joint pains and muscle aches, but the imitrex has sorted out such problems and has given me a good amount of relief as well.
Adam Naismith, Nottingham, UK
In my opinion, generic imitrex is a great drug that is useful in alleviating muscle soreness, joint pains, etc. Additionally, I felt that that the drug ranks well in the accessibility and affordability departments too.