Customer Reviews
Mary Richards, Norfolk, UK
I was suffering from cold and coryza after being exposed to sudden environmental changes. My doc advised me Claritin that helped me a lot in eradicating coryza and runny nose. Also, my nasal congestion was significantly reduced.
Adam Lee, Hobart, Australia
I am quite happy after using Claritin for my nasal obstruction. My immune system is weak due to which I suffer from allergic rhinitis on and off. I take Claritin whenever I notice allergic symptoms.
Stuart Barker, Kent, UK
Claritin works best on me, as it clears all the symptoms of allergy that I catch after being exposed to pollen. The action of this medicine is very quick that gives me instant relief from hay fever.
Jason Moore, Colorado, US
Claritin is the best medication for hay fever. I often suffer from hay fever due to oversensitive immune system that troubles me a lot. I use this anti-allergic medication that gives me relief within few minutes of administration.
Sarah Perez, Arizona, US
I constantly suffer from allergic rhinitis that irritates my nose and throat. In such situation, my doctor always prescribes me Claritin that helps me eradicate irritation and inflammation of nose. I am thankful to this wonderful medicine.
Elizabeth Garcia, Texas, US
Claritin was prescribed to me by my doctor for my complaints of allergy of runny nose and frequent sneezing. I feel better after taking this medicine.