Customer Reviews
Ronald Jones, Dallas, US
After going through series of lab investigations and X-ray, I was diagnosed with respiratory infection wherein I used to feel heaviness in my chest with constant cough. My doctor prescribed me Bactrim and told me to take once daily for several days. The next day my chest congestion was reduced to great extent, but it took 4 days to subside my cough.
Justin Knight, Hampshire, UK
Bactrim is a wonderful antibiotic that helped me get rid of severe bacterial infection of urinary tract. Burning sensation in my urinary tract gave me sleepless nights that made irritable. I took Bactrim exactly as directed by my doctor. My infection was eliminated within 2 days of the treatment, but I continued the therapy for few days, so that reappearance of infection can be prevented.
Patrick Wilson, Ballarat, Australia
I am really happy to know about Generic Bactrim, because it removed the bacterial infection that created chaos in my right ear. The pain and fluid discharge were significantly reduced after the treatment with this amazing antibiotic.
Kevin Parker, Texas, US
Bactrim killed all the pathogenic bacteria in my stomach that affected my abdomen. I was suffering from frequent diarrhea followed by dehydration resulting into prostration. But this antibiotic cleared up my digestive tract by eliminating bacteria within 2 days. Now, I am completely fine and healthy.
Rowan Wood, Banffshire, UK
I was suffering from urinary tract infection on and off. My doctor prescribed Bactrim for the same and told me to take it for few days. I found this medicine very effective as it eradicated my infection, plus no side effects occurred during the treatment.
Paul White, Florida, US
Bactrim is an incredible antibiotic that removes bacterial infection in respiratory tract. I had acute pneumonia for which my doc advised me this antibiotic. I took the medicine accordingly and gradually my infection was reduced to a great extent. I am thankful to this wonderful antibiotic.