Customer Reviews
Angus Hunt, Cumberland, UK
After experiencing eruptions on skin surface all over the body with intense itching, my doctor prescribed me Atarax. Soon after taking the tablet, my itching was greatly reduced and gradually my eruptions were also cleared. I am really thankful to this medicine.
Carol Walker, Everett, US
I was suffering from urticaria since few days and I had no clue from where these eruptions crop up. I took Atarax immediately after noticing the symptoms. Instantly after taking the medicine, my eruptions went away.
Kevin Perez, Florida, US
I was prescribed Atarax for anticipatory anxiety and stress that I often feel. My doc told me to take this medicine every night for few days to improve my mental condition. I get good sleep after taking this medicine.
Mark Hughes, Hampshire, UK
Atarax is an effective medication for allergic skin reaction. I took it when I suffered from hives that produced itching and burning on some areas of the skin. I am satisfied with this medicine.