Customer Reviews
Helen Scott, Indiana, US
I used to feel pain and urgency during urination at night, due to which I was suffering from sleeplessness. My physician suggested me Ampicillin as he explained me that I had an acute urinary tract infection. After taking the medicine, gradually I started feeling better, thereafter I was able to sleep well.
Sarah Turner, Michigan, US
My left ear used to trouble me due to constant pain and fluid discharge. I took Ampicillin exactly as directed by my doctor. I am really thankful to this wonderful medicine, which helped me get rid of my complaints within no time after the consumption. I am satisfied with this antibiotic.
Richard Harris, Utah, US
Ampicillin is an effective antibacterial medicine that eradicated my urinary troubles within 2 days. I am happy to know about this medicine, and I prefer using this antibiotic whenever I suffer from bacterial infection.
Macy Dawson, Kent, UK
I had fever with rigors, abdominal pain and fatigue to which my physician explained me that I am having bacterial infection in my digestive system. My doc prescribed me Ampicillin, and within few days of therapy, I recovered completely with no signs of pain and weakness.
Jacob West, Cheshire, UK
I am greatly satisfied with this anti-microbial drug. I was having bronchitis in which I used to face difficulty in breathing. My doc advised me to take Ampicillin for few days. I took it and found that this antibiotic can clear any type of bacterial infection. After using this medicine, I feel my airflow is clear and effortless.
Steven King, Florida, US
Ampicillin is an effective medicine for clearing up any kind of infection, including otitis (ear infection). My doctor prescribed me this antibiotic for pain in right ear with pus discharge. I always suffer from this kind of infection on and off. I am happy with this fantastic antibiotic.
Mark Lee, Hobart, Australia
I have found Ampicillin effective in reducing the infection in my urinary tract that used to trouble me since few days. I was completely relieved from my complaints within few days of this antibiotic therapy.