Customer Reviews
Dean Smith, Florida, Australia
Cipro is an effective antibiotic as it cured urinary tract infection significantly. I prefer buying this antibiotic from this online pharmacy as I feel it gives me standard quality medicine at relatively reasonable price.
Samuel Brown, Toronto, Canada
After taking Cipro for 10 days I developed few rashes over my legs to which I consulted my doctor. He said Cipro has nothing to do with those rashes as they might be due to some other cause.
Kane Bell, Hampshire, UK
I had severe bacterial infection in my lungs; my doc explained me that it's a respiratory infection, bronchitis. He advised me to take Cipro for 10 days without skipping the dose. I did the same and found that this antibiotic is the best medicine for me as it cleared all my complaints within few days of therapy.
Edie Butler, Durham, UK
Thanks to this wonderful antibiotic, as it eradicated the bacterial infection in my urinary tract, which troubled me a lot since many days. I took Cipro as per my doctor's instructions and fortunately it did not produce any kind of side effects in me.
Alice Thomas, Adelaide, Australia
Ciprofloxacin is an effective antibiotic for UTI – Urinary Tract Infection, because it cured my complaints in 2 days of treatment. Now I'm completely pain-free. Thanks to this amazing anti-bacterial medicine.
Betty Hill, Berkshire, UK
Cipro gave me total relief from my complaints of pain and urgency during urination. Ten days of treatment with this medicine was enough for me to get rid of urinary tract infection. Moreover, I did not experience any side effects of this antibiotic.
David Hall, Colorado, US
Ten days of treatment with Cipro was worth it to eradicate the bacterial infection that troubled my abdomen and bladder. I am really satisfied with this antibiotic, as it helped me get rid of the infection within 2 days.
Stella Jones, Whistler, Canada
Cipro is a great antibiotic for acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, as it restored to my health within no time after the consumption of tablet. The chest congestion which I used to feel was completely gone and now I can breathe effortlessly.
Jennifer Martin, Iowa, US
I am grateful to Cipro because it eliminated the bacterial infection in my bladder and kidneys. I was having fever and pain during urination due to this wicked infection. I used Cipro for 10 days and found it very effective. This is an incredible antibiotic.
Mark Campbell, Wisconsin, US
I am really scared of taking antibiotics because I am allergic to few medicines. But after assessing my condition and bladder infection, my doc prescribed me Cipro and explained me that it will not harm you. Somehow I managed to start the course of therapy and found that it worked best on me without producing any allergic symptoms. Plus, I recovered quickly after using Cipro.
Jeff Clark, Oklahoma, US
I guess Cipro is one of the best anti-bacterial medications that I have ever taken. It literally cured my complaints of pneumonia within few days of treatment. I took 500 mg twice daily for 10 days and luckily I haven't experienced any kind of side effects. Thanks to this wonderful antibiotic.
Ruby Taylor, Geelong, Australia
I have been suffering from urinary tract infection (UTI) since few days to which my complaints got worse on the 4th day. My doc prescribed me Cipro 500mg for ten days. I completed my course of treatment and now I am completely relived from this irritative infection. I am happy to know about this medicine.
Paul Turner, California, US
Cipro is the best antibiotic medicine as it cured my acute bronchitis. I am a chronic smoker and often I suffer from cough with whitish expectoration. Firstly, my doc insisted me to quit smoking. Secondly, he prescribed me Cipro 500 mg twice a day. Steadily, my cough got better and the congestion in chest was greatly reduced and I started breathing easily. Thanks to this wonderful antibiotic.
Donna Green, Florida, US
I had fever with chills, pulsating headache, constant nausea and pain in lower abdomen. My physician believed that it is purely a bacterial infection that is creating havoc in my abdomen and kidneys. After assessing me, he prescribed Cipro for 10 days to which I followed his instructions. During the course of this antibiotic I felt little dizzy, but the best part was my complaints were greatly reduced and I felt much better than before.