Customer Reviews
Andrew Forrester, Reading, UK
Though I knew that I irked most people with my habit of smoking, I never could realize the effects of it until my little kid told me about it. I decided to seriously kick butt this time, which I have done successfully, thanks to chantix.
Louis Montgomery, Cheltenham, UK
I was aware that most people were annoyed by my habit of smoking, but it never bothered me. However, when I started to experience some really startling reactions in my body, I decided that it was time to quit. I used chantix to do so, and I'm still on this medication. It works
Brandon Taylor, Idaho, USA
I used to think that smoking is a habit which I could quit anytime, but I was wrong. It was not until a family intervention that I knew I had to stop. In order to get rid of this habit, I started using chantix, and I must say I was quite impressed by it, as I've stopped smoking now.
Darren Bodega, Wisconsin, USA
Smoking is a bad habit. Almost everyone knows this, even the smokers themselves, but it's the intensity of addiction that remains unknown. To help channel this intensity into good things of life, I used chantix, which proved very good for me, and I would recommend the same to everyone.
Jasper Collins, Utah, USA
In spite of my best efforts, I could never resist the temptation of smoking. One of my friends noticed this and decided to help me out with it by recommending chantix. Since then, I haven't looked back and am enjoying a smoke-free life. Cheers to chantix.
Alexander Slate, Ipswich, UK
If you want to know a successful mantra for being able to get rid of the habit of smoking, there's just one: keep trying and never give up. However, if you want a medication for the same, chantix is your answer. Combine this mantra and chantix, and kick some cigarette butt, just like I did.